Heroes of the Storm welcomes StarCraft 2's Tychus

StarCraft II's Tychus Findlay is the latest character from the Blizzard library to join the Heroes of the Storm roster.


Heroes of the Storm is adding a new character to its expanding roster and is welcoming in StarCraft II's renegade outlaw, Tychus Findlay. The Terran Marine will serve in the Assassin role, like Diablo's Valla and Warcraft's Falstad.

The announcement post reveals the ranged abilities that Tychus will bring to the battlefield, including Overkill, Frag Grenade, and Run and Gun. His passive ability is granted by his powerful minigun, giving him an offensive boost. His unlockable 'Heroic Abilties' borrow from the StarCraft universe, wiping out enemies with a Drakken Laser Drill and a giant Odin mech.

Watch Tychus make his presence known in the trailer below. Heroes of the Storm will enter its Technical Alpha soon.

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