PlanetSide 2 for PS4 is like PC version set to Ultra

SOE producer Matt Higby explained that the PS4 version will be "nearly identical to the PC version, with the exception of the user interface."


PlanetSide 2 is one of the more exciting free-to-play offerings coming to PS4. PC players have been enjoying the MMOFPS for quite some time, but what can console players expect? SOE producer Matt Higby explained that the PS4 version will be "nearly identical to the PC version, with the exception of the user interface."

Speaking to GameZone, Higy said that the PS4 version would look like "if you turned up your PC version to Ultra."

Other features unique to the PS4 version will be the integration of the DualShock 4 touchpad, which will make a "more PC-like" way of interfacing with the game. Of course, there's also support for Vita Remote Play, if you want to give your router a robust testing.

Andrew Yoon was previously a games journalist creating content at Shacknews.

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    December 31, 2013 9:45 AM

    Andrew Yoon posted a new article, PlanetSide 2 for PS4 is like PC version set to Ultra.

    SOE producer Matt Higby explained that the PS4 version will be "nearly identical to the PC version, with the exception of the user interface."

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      December 31, 2013 10:59 AM

      I guess because the game depends heavily on the cpu? I struggle to maintain a good frame rate with my 2500k @ 4.2, and dual titans.

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        December 31, 2013 11:38 AM

        Yeah. I tested the game after a long break after the first performance patch came out, the one that they said would make a significant difference... Well, it runs a little better, but it's still nowhere near a steady 60+ fps in big battles or certain areas no matter what settings I choose. That's with a i3570k @ 4.2Ghz and a 780ti. I see the CPU maxing out all the time. If they get this to look as good and run better on a PS4, well... I guess I'll need a octacore processor then. :P

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        December 31, 2013 11:39 AM

        Really? I have the same processor and have a near steady 60fps at all times since the latest patch.

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          December 31, 2013 11:48 AM

          About how long ago was this latest patch?

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            December 31, 2013 11:56 AM

            Like a little over a month ago? Can't remember really.

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            December 31, 2013 9:32 PM

            It was a 2-part Mega-Update called OMFG: Operation Make Faster Game. They did tremendous work and balanced a bunch of stuff... and I mean... a bunch of stuff.

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        January 1, 2014 3:06 AM

        when you add distinct objects to a scene under DirectX have a very big overhead hit on CPU (I\m not an expert but the way I understand is that take 1 milion polygons and do 1 complex model out of them. it will run much better than if you do a 100 models 10k polys each) - this is one of the reasons why AMDs Mantle API is generating all the craze.

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        January 2, 2014 6:25 AM

        doesn't the game use PhysX?? That always destroys your framerate no matter how much GPU/CPU power you throw at it.

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      December 31, 2013 11:26 AM


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        December 31, 2013 12:02 PM

        Yeah, i'll believe it when I see it.

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        January 2, 2014 6:37 AM

        this entire article offends my PC sensibilities.

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      December 31, 2013 12:46 PM

      man i wish i could get into this game but i cant really stand it. it looks terrible and it feels so clunky and grindy. i havent tried since these supposed performance patches, but it ran abysmally bad earlier this year when i tried it. it was just not pleasant in any way, but i guess i can see why people like it. its the only game that does what it does, and it does actually function.

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        December 31, 2013 9:19 PM

        I have the exact opposite experience, this game has essentially spoiled all multiplayer FPSs for me. I've been playing Battlefield since 42 and when I tried to play the BF4 beta it just felt simplistic and limited after Planetside's incredible scope and scale.

        And the best thing is that they are consistently improving the game, in terms of performance, balance and game flow. They really make the right decisions and the game has improved so much in the last year, I'm super excited about where it will be in another year's time and beyond.

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          December 31, 2013 9:33 PM

          ^Im with you on that, then again, Im one of the die-hards that owns just about everything as an NC player. I am just sort of waiting for the meta-game and resource revamp at this point.

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          January 1, 2014 12:40 PM

          I am the same way to a degree. There just isn't anything like rolling up to an outpost or a base in that game with 150 of your faction behind you or the large air battles or tank columns. The game might not be the best graphically or have the best weapon handling but the large scale elements and outfit play make up for that.

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      January 1, 2014 12:52 AM

      ultra with 4xssaa 16xaf at 320x240 resolution.

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      January 2, 2014 12:59 PM

      any chance of them letting PS4 users play with mouse and keyboard? unreal tournament did it, need more to hop on that train

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        January 3, 2014 6:58 PM

        You can already do that, if you're so inclined.

        There are a few avenues that you could take, one of which is a little dongle that costs the same as a wireless console controller. It will let you play 360, X1, PS3, PS4, and PC with keyboard and mouse or the controller for any one of those with any other device on that list.

        let me go find that real quick.

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          January 3, 2014 7:05 PM

          Here it is.

 . Oh, and I guess you can use the Wii controller with it too. Pretty nifty little device, so I've heard. I was going to get one and try it out.

          I know I read somewhere that you can use a keyboard and mouse with the POS4 in a more direct fashion, specifically because of these F2P games that are being ported from PC. I don't know exactly how to do that, or where I read it though.

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            January 3, 2014 7:06 PM

            That was not an intentional "POS4." I must have hit two keys.


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