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Ninja Theory's Fightback kicks its way onto iOS today

Ninja Theory makes its iOS debut today with Fightback, a free-to-play 80's-era beat-'em-up that's all about punching and kicking dudes in the face and in other body parts that aren't their face.


The studio behind DMC: Devil May Cry has punched its way onto mobile devices. Ninja Theory has released its touch-screen-based beat-'em-up, Fightback, on iOS today, giving players a chance to live out all their 80's-era action hero tough guy fantasies.

Our E3 preview explains some of the ideas of Fightback. The central premise sees players fighting through towers of thugs, dispatching each bad guy one-at-a-time using the touch screen to throw punches or kick in various directions. As the game goes on, players will be able to string together combos and unlock special moves.

Fightback is free-to-play and features eight towers' worth of baddies, with more to come later. You can download it on the App Store now. An Android version is expected later. Check out the trailer below for more on this 80's throwback.

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