Weekend PC download deals: Strategy titles and more

Digital retailers are ready for the post-Halloween rush, with GameFly Digital offering strategy titles, Amazon discounting NBA 2K14, Steam offering up King of Fighters XIII, and Good Old Games celebrating all things Ubisoft.

Well, Halloween is over and you probably have bowls of leftover candy just sitting by your PC. As long as you're planning to gorge on Skittles, Nerds, and Lemonheads, you may as well do it while playing a bunch of PC games. And lucky for you, a new weekend means a new batch of deals. GameFly Digital lets you get your strategy on with a Firaxis Pack and a couple of other fine strategy titles. Amazon recognizes that start of the NBA season with an early discount on NBA 2K14. Good Old Games is celebrating everything Ubisoft with a smorgasbord of discounts on some of their best franchises. And fighting game fanatics will be pleased by Steam's offering of King of Fighters XIII for half-off. More deals after the break. Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:

GameFly Digital

Use the code GFDNOV20 to get (roughly) these prices or if you're across the pond, use GFDNOV20UK. Some restrictions may apply.
  • Endless Space


    NBA 2K14

    Bundle Stars

    Pay $3.97 for Train Simulator 12, IL2-Sturmovik: 1946, Euro Truck Simulator, GT Legends, Agricultural Simulator 2011 Extended Edition, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, GTR FIA GT Racing, Rig 'n' Roll, and Trainz Simulator: Murchison 2. All activate on Steam. Or pay $2.48 for Clutch, NecrovisioN, NecrovisioN: Lost Company, The Void, 99 Levels to Hell, and Zombie Bowl-o-Rama. All activate on Steam, except for 99 Levels to Hell, which activates on Desura. Or pay $2.44 for Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold, WWIII: Black Gold, KnightShift, East India Company Gold, and WWII Panzer Claws 1 & 2. All activate on Steam.


    Torchlight II


    Guild Wars 2

    Get Games

    Borderlands 2


    • Rayman Origins - $7.99 (60% off)
    • Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut - $7.99 (60% off)
    • Far Cry - $3.99 (60% off)
    • Other titles in the Ubisoft Unlimited promo, including Prince of Persia titles, Tom Clancy titles, and other classics, can be found here.

    Rayman Origins

    Green Man Gaming

    Use the code GMG20-P6Y1F-KC19F to get (roughly) these prices on select titles. Restrictions apply.

    Grid 2

    Humble Bundle

    Pay what you want for Worms Armageddon, Worms Blast, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Worms Pinball, Worms Crazy Gold, and Superfrog HD (which may or may not feature some kind of worms or worm-like creatures). Pay $6 or more to also receive Alien Breed: Impact, Aliend Breed 2: Assault, Alien Breed 3: Descent, and Worms Revolution Gold (w/all DLC included). Select soundtracks included. Pay $1 for Steam keys. Also, pay what you want for Ticket to Ride (with the USA 1910 DLC), Greed Corp, Indredipede, and Anodyne. Pay more than $6.15 to also receive The Bard's Tale and Worms Reloaded (with Worms 2: Armageddon on Android). These titles are all cross-platform across PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. Pay $1 for Steam keys.

    Worms Armageddon

    Indie Royale

    Pay $4.98 minimum for Organ Trail: Director's Cut, Dark Fall: Lost Souls, Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, Rise of the Ravager, eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX, Alien Zombie Megadeath, Dead Hungry Diner, Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf, and a mystery title. Pay at least $7.00 for a bonus soundtrack album. All include Steam keys, except Nightmares from the Deep, Rise of the Ravager, and Overcast, which are DRM-free.

    Dark Fall: Lost Souls


    As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

    King of Fighters XIII

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      November 1, 2013 3:00 PM

      Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Weekend PC download deals: Strategy titles and more.

      Digital retailers are ready for the post-Halloween rush, with GameFly Digital offering strategy titles, Amazon discounting NBA 2K14, Steam offering up King of Fighters XIII, and Good Old Games celebrating all things Ubisoft.

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        November 1, 2013 3:26 PM

        FYI, the regular HIB (the one with the Android games, not the weekly Team17 sale) has been finished for several days now.

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          we told him that the first time he posted it

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            Also the second HIB is 6.00 not 6.15(?)

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