Payday 2 cracks the safe with Xbox 360 demo

505 Games and Overkill are releasing an Xbox 360 demo for Payday 2, giving players a chance to try out each of the game's classes until level 10.


If over 1.5 million sales and the promise of a year's worth of DLC aren't enough to sell you on Payday 2, 505 Games and Overkill are releasing a demo on Xbox 360, allowing players to briefly step into the game's online world.

The Payday 2 demo will grant players access to all four character classes and allow them to run through them up to level 10. While the main game is billed as a co-op heist game for up to four players, the demo will have players practice heists in a solo capacity, giving them a chance to try out each of the four individual character classes. A date has not yet been set for a PS3 demo, though Overkill notes that it's currently in the works.

The game's Lootbag DLC (previously a pre-order bonus only) will also be made available today. It includes red dot sight for all rifles and shotguns, a skull mask, a black and red mask, and a mask that reads "I Love OVERKILL!" That last one is just in case you want anyone to know that you really love Overkill. It'll also give you some in-game cash, which is probably the easiest money you'll make in the game. The add-on content will be available for an additional $4.99 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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