Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon Trading Card Game

Now that Pokemon X and Y have introduced Mega Evolutions and Fairy-types, it was only a matter of time before they hit the Pokemon Trading Card Game, as well.


Mega Evolutions are one of the major new additions to Pokemon X and Y, adding a whole new dimension to high-level Pokemon battles. So it's no surprise that they're making their way to the long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game through a new expansion. The XY expansion will feature 10-card booster packs and will release nationwide on February 5.

Mega Evolutions will come with select Pokemon-EX cards, like Venusaur-EX and Blastoise-EX. While this will make them significantly more powerful, it'll come at the expense of losing a turn, giving the opponent ample time to respond.

The Pokemon TCG: XY - Kalos Starter Set (which come in Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie variety) will also introduce Fairy-types for the first time, which is bad news for anyone centering their deck around Dark Pokemon. Each booster pack will include code cards that unlock virtual cards for the Pokemon TCG Online game.

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