You Don't Know Jack Party launches, focused on multi-screen play

You Don't Know Jack Party has been released, a free-to-play game that focuses on using multiple screens as the display and controllers.


Jackbox Games announced another spin on the YDKJ series today, with You Don't Know Jack Party. The free-to-play title lets you take on multiplayer trivia using your mobile devices as controllers.

The You Don't Know Jack Party app includes a free trial episode, with 30 more episodes available as in-app purchases. You can use an iPhone or iPad to run as the primary display, while other devices run the JackPad app (iOS, Android) as the controllers. It also sports Apple TV support through Airplay, so you can use a connected TV to serve as the primary display. You can still play the trivia game by yourself, of course, but that's a pretty lonely party.

This is notably a mobile game that simulates a console game, with a focus on couch co-op and the ability to play on the big screen. The company previously stated another console release was "very, very unlikely" because the market for casual trivia games was too small on consoles. This seems to allow them to have the best of both worlds.

"You Don't Know Jack Party blurs the lines between mobile and console gaming," said Jackbox general manager Mike Bilder, in the announcement. "This new app is our first of several planned releases that leverage mobile technology like Apple's AirPlay to bring people together to play on whatever screen they choose."

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