You Don't Know Jack revival on console 'very, very unlikely'

You Don't Know Jack's revival on social platforms has been incredibly well received. While the free-to-play game continues to grow on Facebook and iOS, many are wondering: will the franchise get another big box outing? The answer is "very, very unlikely."

"We wouldn't completely rule it out," the YDKJ team answered in a reddit AMA. "Not a huge market for casual games like ours at retail, sadly."

The team also jokingly pointed out that in "the battle of Worst Placement on Store Shelves due to poorly thought-out end-of-alphabet title, You Don’t Know Jack juuuuust barely beats out Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego," which could certainly play into the game's poor performance at retail. In addition, "THQ probably won't do it with us again (for numerous reasons)." We can think of at least one really big reason.

Next up for the YDKJ team is an Android version, which has been oft-demanded since the release of the iOS game. "Very soon. The only thing delaying it is the time needed to read all the 'Where is the Android version?' and 'Android!' letters."