Guns of Icarus Online blasting onto PS4

Players can experience the steampunk air combat of Guns of Icarus Online on PC right now, but Muse Games will also bring their game to the PS4.


Guns of Icarus Online has been available on PC since October, but developer Muse Games seeks to take its steampunk air combat shooter to new horizons. Namely, PS4.

The game puts a squad of players aboard massive airships, as they all work together to man heavy machine guns, make necessary repairs, and maintain a course of flight. Players communicate roles to one another and switch back-and-forth as needed.

"We wanted to push the boundary of team play, and experiment with a blend of play types that haven’t been seen before," team lead Howard Tsao said on the PlayStation.Blog. "Guns, fire, explosions--and above all, a sense of urgency, action, and power."

Muse has spent the past 10 months pushing patches, hotfixes, and updates to the PC version of Guns of Icarus Online and their efforts have paid off through critical acclaim. "We’ve had 9 award nominations and several wins now for Guns of Icarus Online, and each time this happens we take a moment to look back on our work with pride," Tsao added, "and then a few minutes later we’re back to supporting players and fixing stuff. It’s been a humbling and exciting journey so far, and we couldn't be prouder to work with all the awesome people at PlayStation to bring Guns of Icarus Online to PS4."

A release date has not been given to the PS4 version of Guns of Icarus Online, but those looking to take to the skies can so right now on Steam.

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