Rockstar lists PC developer job for 'latest titles'

Rockstar listed a (now-pulled) job for a PC graphics programmer for its "latest titles," implying a port of Grand Theft Auto 5 may be on the way.


Rockstar has been mostly quiet about the possibility of putting Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, so far only saying that it is being considered. But a job listing appears the studio may be moving ahead with port plans.

A now-pulled listing for Rockstar Leeds caught by PC Gamer sought a graphics programmer to help bring its "latest titles to the PC platform." It says, "Working together with the other Rockstar studios, you will be responsible for maintaining the studio's uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible." It also talks about work on next-generation games. The Leeds Career page still lists some openings, but none of them mention PC.

As the report notes, Rockstar's only recent released or announced games that haven't made it to PC yet are GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption. It's possible Rockstar is finally getting around to porting the three-year-old western action game, but Grand Theft Auto seems more likely. It's also notable that Leeds was in charge of the LA Noire port, so it has some history with bringing over open world games.

PC fans have been demanding a port since the game was announced, and listings even appeared on retail sites. Rockstar itself has not confirmed the game for PC or next-generation platforms.

If you want to see a little more of Grand Theft Auto 5 in action, though, you can check out today's newly released gameplay trailer.

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