Guncraft unveils create-your-own-weapon Gun Smithing mode

Guncraft takes Minecraft-style building to the next level and will allow players to build their own weapons with the new Gun Smithing feature.


Guncraft has already put a twist on the traditional Minecraft formula by complementing player creativity with traditional FPS-style combat. Exato Game Studios has another trick up its sleeve, though. Beyond creating new maps, players will also be able to create their own weapons with the game's new Gun Smithing feature.

"What we do is go into our level-building tool, but we use it for building any weapon you can think of," said executive producer Ted Lange.

Similar to creating their own structures, players can build weapons of any design or shape. The gun can be scaled down, so that it can be held by the character model. In addition to determining the weapon's look, players determine the gun's muzzle and handle location. They can also select what type of gun they wish to create, whether it's a pistol, machine gun, sniper rifle, or explosive, among other options. To maintain balance, Lange shows off an allocated point system.

"We have a point total of 100 points that you're able to use on all sorts of stuff," Lange added. "You can put points towards vehicle damage, block damage, shots-per-second, number of clips, explosive radius, projectile speed, and you can even add effects of gravity, so it can have a lob style."

These options are scratching the surface of customization possibilities, with several other options that can be scaled. Players can then take their creations out for a test run in Guncraft's firing range.

During our brief meeting, Lange showed me one of his more creative weapons--a catgun. Yes, it's an explosive gun shaped like a friendly-looking feline, with the mouth acting as a muzzle and the tail acting as the trigger.

Gun Smithing is set to release alongside the final version of Guncraft on July 11. It is also among the titles most recently Greenlit on Steam.

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