Shadowrun Online sales models detailed

Shadowrun Online developer Cliffhanger Games has outlined the differences between its campaign and free-to-play sales models.


Shadowrun Online, which ran a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, has outlined the differences between its campaign and free-to-play model. Admitting that the model differences have been confusing, Cliffhanger Games attempted to outline it a bit more clearly.

In a blog post, the team notes that everyone will be playing on the same server. The main difference comes in currency. Campaign players will be able to buy items with the in-game currency nuyen, along with a boost to cash, karma, and loot chances. They'll also have a slightly heavier influence on plot development.

F2P players will get their own premium currency (exchanged for real money) and some items will be exclusive to it. If you buy a subscription, you'll get the boosted cash, karma, loot, and plot influence for as long as your subscription runs. If you want to upgrade to campaign, you can buy the box and all of your stats and items will carry over.

"This means campaign players can play with their free to play friends or with other campaigners and the other way round – there is no barrier at all," the blog notes. "For those who have donated in a tier which would give them both premium free to play and campaign access, we are looking into either simply giving two accounts (so you could give one away) or allowing you to flag characters within your account as being either/or, as the presumed barrier between servers does not exist anymore."

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