Shadowrun Online seeks $500K Kickstarter

Because just one Kickstarter Shadowrun project isn't enough, Cliffhanger Productions has launched a second for "Shadowrun Online." The browser and tablet game emphasizes turn-based tactical combat in the Shadowrun universe, as opposed to the single-player focus of Shadowrun Returns. It was announced in October, but now is turning to Kickstarter for its funding.

The Kickstarter project is aiming for $500,000, and so far has hit just over $58,000 of its goal. It will run on browsers, Android tablets, and iPads using the Unity3D engine. Cliffhanger says it has teamed up with previous Shadowrun authors and Hare Brained Schemes (of Shadowrun Online) to make the various plots tie together, in what they're dubbing the Shadowrun Universe.

"I think coordination between the different Shadowrun products is important," said tabletop RPG developer Jason Hardy, in the announcement. "I've been really pleased at how open the different parties have been to pooling cool ideas and coming up with ways to interweave plot lines to make the playing experience as awesome as possible."