Tekken Card Tournament now on mobile devices

Tekken Card Tournament, the collectible card game based on the popular fighting series, has launched for iOS, Android, and PC (browsers).


The Tekken card game announced in January is now available, marking the series' first move into the free-to-play market. Tekken Card Tournament, a CCG based on the popular fighting franchise, is now available. While initially only announced for iOS, with other platforms a possibility, it has launched on PC and Android as well.

As a free-to-play game, of course, it offers in-app purchases. You can earn your way to currency to buy booster packs, or purchase heaping sums of it at various tiers. Booster packs cost 120-320 credits. The Bank sells 50c (99 cents), 120c ($1.99) 250c ($3.99), and so on. The most expensive pack is the Vault, which grants 10,500 credits (enough for about 90 of the low-tier packs) for $99.99. Namco also promises physical booster packs coming this summer, which will let you scan to add them to your digital collection and play with augmented reality functions.

You can play the game online through your browser, on iOS, or Android.

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