Tekken Card Tournament transforms franchise into real-world CCG

The next Tekken game is not what you might expect. Namco Bandai is taking a page from Pokemon, transforming its most popular fighting franchise into a collectible card game.

Tekken Card Tournament will launch as a free-to-play iOS game in Q1, with in-app purchases letting you acquire new cards for use in online card battles. Fights will be rendered in 3D, with animations playing out the moves you play from your deck. A quick hands-off demo of the game reminded us of Rock, Paper, Scissors--with players having to choose to charge up, attack, or defend.

This isn't the first time the franchise has been turned into a card game. Tekken Card Challenge for WonderSwan appears to be largely similar to Card Tournament.

In addition to virtual cards, Namco Bandai plans on selling real-world collectible cards as well. The game can be played offline using the cards, or online by scanning QR codes and injecting your cards into the mobile app. The app will also offer augment reality, with 3D models jumping out of your real-world cards.

While the iOS game will be launching "pretty soon," the real-world CCG will be available come spring. Namco Bandai didn't confirm other platforms, but did note that they were planning on expanding the franchise to the "mobile, tablet, and web browser realm," meaning Android and PC versions should be forthcoming as well.