inFamous: Second Son revealed

Developer Sucker Punch has revealed inFamous: Second Son, its upcoming title for PlayStation 4.


Sucker Punch studios, the developers behind the inFamous series, revealed their next entry in the series for the PlayStation 4, called inFamous: Second Son. Given the finality of the ending of inFamous 2, it's not entirely surprising to find that the next installment focuses on a brand new protagonist, Delsin Rowe.

Cinematic footage revealed at Sony's recent PlayStation 4 announcement event foretells of a dark future, in which the world's populace seems to have taken the ill-advised tactic of sacrificing liberty for a stronger sense of security. Enter a group of vigilantes chock full of new superpowers, and you've got the set-up for Sucker Punch's next open-world adventure, which looks like it could possibly fill the shoes of the X-Men game that we always wanted, but never got.

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