Age of Wonders 3 announced, aiming for this fall

Triumph Studios has announced Age of Wonders 3, a follow-up to the classic strategy RPG series.


After a more than 10-year hiatus, the strategy RPG series Age of Wonders is getting set for a comeback with the appropriately named Age of Wonders 3. Dutch developer Triumph Studios, the original co-creator before it went on to make Overlord, is aiming for a release this fall on PCs, possibly with a simultaneous Mac release. A tablet version might follow later.

The game focuses on RPG classes as leaders in their respective empires. The official site uses a Goblin Theocrat as an example, who can build a religious-based empire with goblin crusaders. "We want players to be able to choose between lots of different play styles, without being restricted by fantasy cliches, like All Goblins Are Evil," the site notes.

Lead designer Lennart Sas was cagey when Eurogamer asked if Epic Games was serving as its partner to help fund the project, only saying, "That's something for a later moment." Epic helped create the series in 1999, so the company may be back to pitch in with a revival.

Triumph already has plans for a scenario generator and mod tools, along with DLC like extra classes, races, units, and story campaigns.

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