PlayStation All-Stars to support arcade fight sticks

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will support various popular fight sticks, according to developer SuperBot Entertainment.


While it may look like a casual party game, SuperBot Entertainment is trying its best to make PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a fighting game worthy of EVO. In addition to adding characters from Tekken, and hiring Capcom's Seth Killian, the studio has announced that the upcoming mascot brawler will also support arcade fight sticks.

SuperBot told fans on Facebook that you can use "all popular arcade stick peripherals." It says that most of these commands are easily transferable from the DualShock 3 inputs, with the exception of the Throw command. It's mapped to the right stick on the controller, but will be performed with a button combo on the stick.

If you want to give the game a whirl, a public beta is scheduled for this fall, with PlayStation Plus members getting first dibs.

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