End of Nations Collector's Edition detailed

We already knew that Shackers were interested in the upcoming free to play MMO End of Nations, but would a spiffy new digital collector's edition entice you any more?


We already knew Shackers were interested in the upcoming free to play MMORTS End of Nations from the huge response for alpha keys, but publisher Trion Worlds has upped the ante a bit, announcing what's included in the digital Collector's Edition.

For $60, players will get access to a special Black Dragons company (and the accompanying Black Knight hero unit, a Skunk skin set for units, the ability to start two commanders at level 5, two additional commander slots and 50 percent more in-game cash for five days. The game will also give you a three-month VIP membership that gets a store discount, in-game credits and and experience point boost for 90 games. The benefits are a step up from the $30 Founders Editions, but Trion is allowing players to upgrade from Founders to Collectors.

The second closed beta is coming up this weekend, so if you can get in, you can get a taste of the action. No official release date has been announced, other than later this year. If you aren't familiar with the lore in the game, this developer diary will give you some background.

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