Shack extra: Get into the End of Nations alpha

It hasn't happened for awhile here at Shacknews, but we have some keys to give away. We have partnered with Trion Worlds to get 20 people into the End of Nations alpha. All you gotta do to be considered for a key is to register in our forums and be part of the conversation about the game.

To set the stage for the giveaway, a little background first. End of Nations is an upcoming free-to-play real-time strategy MMO developed by Petroglyph that is currently in alpha. The game is set in an alternate future where the Order of Nations has taken control of the world and two factions--The Liberation Front and The Shadow Revolution-- battle the Order and each other for control of resources and strategic locations.

Now here's where the Shack faithful come in. Make sure you are logged in to our Chatty and then respond in the comments section below, or in the separate thread in the Chatty, to talk about the game or to just let us know you want to be considered for a key. Then Chatty regular dahanese, who also happens to be community director at Trion, will choose the winners and contact you through ShackMessage.

Those who get codes will be able to get in and play immediately with other Shackers and be in the game with other alpha testers for the duration until the game launches some time later this year. Alpha folks will also have to send their email addresses to dahanese to make sure they get into the program.

So get talking. These keys should go fast. Here's the E3 "Match of the Century" trailer to spur the conversation:

BOOM video 12930