Jagged Alliance expansion 'Crossfire' announced

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is getting a standalone add-on called "Crossfire," promising new enemies and weapons, an original story, and 15-20 hours of gameplay.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is getting its first standalone add-on, titled "Jagged Alliance: Crossfire." The expansion adds a new original story and a pretty lengthy campaign, and it's slated to come out sometime this summer. The plot revolves around the country of Khanpaa, which is under siege by mercenary troop attacks. The ambassador hires his own mercenaries to investigate and bring an end to the troops' attacks -- probably by, you know, killing them. To that end, the game will include new enemies and weapons. It will also bring you ten new M.E.R.C. mercenaries for a total of 50, optional line of sight mode and fog-of-war, and 20 new achievements. The announcement promises 15-20 hours of gameplay, which seems like quite a bit for an expansion. Details like pricing weren't included in the announcement, but we shouldn't have to wait much longer to find out.

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire

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