Divinity: Original Sin prequel announced

Larian Studios continues to build out its Divinity franchise, announcing Divinity: Original Sin as a top-down RPG prequel to the series story line.


Divine Divinity was a surprise success when it launched back in 2002. After several sequels (the last in late 2010), developer Larian Studios is taking the series into the past, announcing Divinity: Original Sin as a prequel to the events of the first game.

The top-down RPG will follow two heroes, a warrior who has spent most of his past being tortured, and a woman who was just recently resurrected. They become central to the story when it is discovered they are able to resist a new form of Chaos magic that has just been introduced into the world. Both characters will be in the player's control in single-player mode.

The video also shows off the cooperative aspect of the game, including players disagreeing on how to handle a situation and how one player's actions can affect the other.

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