New Copernicus screens leaked in fan forum

Hot on the heals of the first video release of Copernicus from 38 Studios, new screens show up on a fan web site showing three of the game's races.

38 Studios has received a lot of attention lately, as the Kingdoms of Amalur developer risks insolvency. In addition to Reckoning, the company was also working on a MMO, codenamed Copernicus. Images of the long-shrouded game have been leaked to web, showing off what the game could be--assuming the studio can stay open long enough. 38Watch, a site devoted to the Amalur universe, posted three new images a few of the races in the new MMO. The human race is known as the Almain, while a dwarven race is called the Dverga. The third race is the Jottun, a huge ogre-like species. The same day that 38 Studios made a late loan payment to the state of Rhode Island, the first video showing scenery and zones from the game was released. Rhode Island's governor had said earlier in the day that the game was scheduled to be released in June 2013.

The Dverga, a race of dwarves

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