Project Copernicus unveiled in new fly-by video

It has been an up and down day so far for embattled developer 38 Studios. First, they make a late $1.125 million loan payment to the state of Rhode Island, then the state's governor outs the proposed release date for the company's upcoming MMO.

To help smooth over the negative financial publicity, a new Project Copernicus video has been released, showing off Amalur in its MMO setting for the first time in a series of fly-by cuts. There is no narration, just several landscape scenes showing what appears to be several different beautiful, yet unpopulated, zones.

No other information was released, but the timing appears to be a goodwill gesture of sorts to gamers, showing that the studio has something to show for all the money invested in the as yet unveiled project. There had been no hint of a release date until, at a press conference announcing that the studio's late loan payment had cleared the bank, Gov. Lincoln Chafee let drop that the game was supposed to be released in June 2013.

Here's the video. Enjoy the ambiance.

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