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Sony working on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer solution

Sony says it is working on "an implementation" to bring the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PlayStation 3.


Mass Effect 3 has gotten a steady stream of special multiplayer weekends on PC and Xbox 360, but the PlayStation 3 has been left in the cold. BioWare recently outed Sony as the ones gumming up the works, but it sounds like a solution is in place now.

"We are currently working together with EA and BioWare on an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3," a Sony representative told Shacknews.

That may not sound as specific as PS3 owners would like, but it's a far cry from the last we'd heard on the subject. When BioWare identified the problem, it didn't sound very optimistic. Now it seems that a specific implementation has been sorted out, so at least that's some assurance that a solution is on the way.

It's hard to tell if BioWare would start from the beginning and have the PS3 promotions running behind, or pick up equally to keep everything consistent. If it's the latter, the PlayStation 3 audience will have missed out on some important weekends, like the most recent which awarded players with one of the new Resurgence Pack classes.

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