Mass Effect 3 multiplayer promos lack Sony approval

BioWare has been pumping out a steady stream of weekend events for it's horde-like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. So far, though, not a single one of them has appeared on the PlayStation 3. So what's the deal? BioWare's latest promo announcement reveals that Sony hasn't approved of it.

"Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer our Multiplayer Challenge weekends on PlayStation 3. Sony has not yet approved the promotion," reads an announcement on the BioWare Blog. "We continue to work with them to find a compromise, but until then, Sony will not allow us to run the same Multiplayer Challenges on the PlayStation 3 that we run on Xbox 360 and PC."

BioWare has mentioned this problem before, but kept its statements more vague without assigning blame. "We are continuing to work with Sony to enable these types of Operations on the PlayStation 3 platform," the company stated two weeks ago. By pointing the finger at Sony, BioWare may be hoping that fans will help grease the wheels a bit and force Sony to relent.

For those on PC and Xbox 360 who can participate in this weekend's promotion, "Operation Resurgence" will reward players using the free Resurgence Pack. Playing on one of the new maps grants a 10% XP bonus, and participants will gain a "Reserves Pack" that guarantees one of the new alien classes.