Fable Heroes announced as co-op companion to The Journey

Fable Heroes has been announced, a cute 4-player co-op game that lets you use earned coins to unlock content in Fable: The Journey.


Are you ready for Albion to get a whole lot more adorable? At Microsoft's Xbox 360 Showcase, the company announced Fable Heroes. The new side-scrolling spin on the world of Fable features cute and colorful doll-like characters banding together for a co-op hack-and-slash romp on Xbox Live Arcade.

Up to four heroes can play cooperatively and competitively to collect gold coins. Those coins can then unlock characters, upgrades, and items in both Fable Heroes and the upcoming Kinect game Fable: The Journey. Check out the first trailer below to see Albion get plushie-fied.

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