Insomniac finished with Resistance franchise

Insomniac CEO Ted Price has put to rest the studio's involvement with the Resistance series, saying plainly, "We won't be making any more Resistances."


We already knew that Insomniac is taking a step back from the Resistance franchise. With Resistance 3 in the can and the studio setting sights on its multiplatform project Overstrike, the studio seemed ready to move on. Now CEO Ted Price has confirmed it with a statement that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

"We won't be making any more Resistances," Price told VG247. Insomniac's prior statements on the subject were a bit more vague. Creative director Marcus Smith said the studio wasn't on tap to make a fourth Resistance game, but that comment had less finality than this one.

However, the Resistance series itself isn't dead. Sony owns the property and has handed Nihilistic Software the duties to handle a Vita spin-off, Resistance: Burning Skies. Beyond that, it's hard to say if the Resistance franchise will continue at all -- and if so, with which developer.

Update: Ted Price re-confirms the end of Insomniac's work with the Resistance series in this video for fans:

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