Insomniac: Resistance could go to another developer

Resistance 3 is about two weeks away, and it apparently could mark Insomniac's last entry in the franchise -- for the time being, at least. Creative director Marcus Smith says the studio is branching out with Overstrike, its first multiplatform title, so the Resistance series torch may be picked up by another studio.


"I think Insomniac has always branched out," Smith told Gaming Union. "I was bummed when they didn't work on the fourth [Spyro] game, but ultimately, I think it was healthy for them to move on. I think that's what we're seeing here. We've done Resistance 3 and we're really into it and proud of it, but we're not currently slated to do a Resistance 4."

Smith referenced the spin-off games that have been handled by other developers -- Resistance Retribution by Sony Bend, and Resistance: Burning Skies for Vita by Nihilistic Software. "We've got a lot of different places for the universe to go, so I could certainly see the series going to another developer. I'm sure Sony would want to find a high caliber developer to do a good offering. I don't think they'd hand the franchise over to somebody who is going to screw it up."

The company is far from swearing off Resistance completely, but the company certainly seems keen on focusing on its multiplatform interests at the moment. Should the Resistance franchise continue, will new talent be able to keep up with the series' legacy?