FortressCraft updates with fighting mode, copy and paste

FortressCraft has launched 1.1 Alpha with a host of new building features and the first test of the Fight, Protect, Survive mode.


Like the game that inspired it, FortressCraft for the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel is continuing to update and add new features. The game just releases 1.1 Alpha, with several new features and a few more promised on the way.

The update adds eight new light channels, doors, and a copy and paste function for building. The landscape also now includes trees, and players can choose a climate like tropical, alpine, desert, or grassy plains.

Most notably, this patch includes a test of the "Fight, Protect, Survive (FPS)" mode. You'll be given a lightning gun to kill harvesters and wasps to collect metal resources, but each kill raises your threat level more and makes the enemies more aggressive. This is in the testing phase with a full release to come later, so the developers invite feedback on their forums.

The game is available on the Xbox 360's Indie Games Marketplace for $3 (240 MSP), and set a indie sales record on the platform. To find the game in the new dashboard you'll need to enter the "Games" tab, then the "Games" sub-tab, and then "Game Type" for indie games; or you could use the built-in Bing search.

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