Minecraft clone FortressCraft declared fastest-selling XBLIG title

Indie developer ProjectorGames has declared its Minecraft clone FortressCraft: Chapter 1 "the fastest selling Xbox Live Indie Game of all time," dethroning I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 by Ska Studios.


Projector announced that FortressCraft sold 16,000 units on its April 8 launch day. It was the best-selling game across all of Xbox Live in Canada, taking second place in the UK and hitting the third spot in the USA.

Impressively, around 70% of those who played the trial version of FortressCraft during the first week went on to purchase the full game. Projector points out that the usual expected conversion rate for XBLIG titles is only about 5%. Of course, it helps when you're copying a game that's widely-known and has sold almost two million copies.

It's difficult to judge Xbox Live Indie Games sales objectively as Microsoft does not reveal figures, but many developers share their data publicly.

FortressCraft is available from Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 Microsoft Points ($3). The initial chapter focused on providing a simple multiplayer building environment, with more advanced features planned for later Chapters.