Cave Story+ now available via Steam

Indie developers Nicalis and Studio Pixel have released the HD version of their beloved action-adventure, called Cave Story+, for PC via Steam.


The excellent indie game Cave Story has been available on the DS, WiiWare, and PC for a while but a new version of the game has been launched for the PC and Mac. Developers Nicalis and Studio Pixel have revealed Cave Story+ is now available on Steam. Not only does to updated version give action-adventure fans another way to try what many folks believe is one of the best indies ever made, it's also the version with the most bells and whistles.

The most immediately noticeable update in Cave Story+ is the HD graphical overhaul. The original 320x240 graphics have been made shiny and new, as has its remastered soundtrack. If you're a fan of the old-school style though, the old sound and graphics can be toggled on and off at will, much like the setup included in the Monkey Island series HD XBLA reboots.

Six new play modes, with names like 'Boss Rush' and 'Wind Fortress' also join the mix, as well as USB controller support.

If you haven't yet played any versions of Cave Story, and are a fan of 2D classics like Metroid, Cave Story+ comes highly recommended. The game normally costs $9.99 on Steam, but is currently sporting a 15% discount, bringing the price down to $8.49.

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