Batman: Arkham City trailer highlights Joker's sickness

Rocksteady and Warner Bros Interactive have debuted a new trailer for Arkham City, highlighting Joker looking a bit on the ill side.


It's hard to find a more epic and storied match-up than Batman and the Joker. Throughout the franchise's history, the Clown Prince became the yang to Batman's yin, and despite an embarrassing mohawked boss battle in Arkham Asylum, we're excited to see Mark Hamill reprise the role for Arkham City. Maybe that's why this new trailer, complete with adversarial Bat-banter, gets us so excited.

Or maybe it's just because after a seemingly endless barrage of character, DLC, and feature reveals, October 18 can't get here fast enough. If you want to get excited, yet again, check out the new trailer below.

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