Batman: Arkham City adds Deadshot

Rocksteady has already provided more Batman: Arkham City rogue's gallery reveals than you can shake a batarang at, but it seems that they aren't done yet. Today the studio took the wraps off Deadshot, the self-proclaimed "world's greatest assassin." He'll be one of the side-missions that shows off Batman's array of skills, as the Dark Knight has to track him down and figure out the motivations behind his assassination targets.

The first look comes from a Gametrailers TV episode, featuring a look at Deadshot and a talk with game director Sefton Hill. "One of the mysteries that Batman is trying to solve is: what is Deadshot doing in there?" said Hill. "He's finding these murder scenes and trying to figure out, what is Deadshot doing, what is his M.O, what is he after? As you play through the game you start to figure out the targets that he's after. Deadshot realizes that Batman is after him, so Batman gets added to the list as well."

Hill says side-missions like Deadshot's help them explore other parts of Batman's character. "One of the nice things with the side-missions is they let us focus on different aspects of Batman's character. So, Deadshot focuses more on the forensics element and tracking down, doing that in a slightly more detailed way than we might do on the main story, on the main path." He'll be one of 12 side-missions in the game.

Deadshot has grown up with the character of Batman since 1950, serving as a villainous counter-weight to Bats' own distaste for guns. He has an utter disregard for human life, and will always carry out a hit as long as he gets paid. He's sometimes served as an anti-hero as part of the Suicide Squad, but in this incarnation, he appears to be much more on the villain side.