Modern Warfare 3 interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling

At Call of Duty XP this past weekend, Shacknews discussed some of the changes and reaction to the latest entry in the best-selling Call of Duty series with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.


At Call of Duty XP this past weekend, Shacknews discussed some of the changes and reaction--both positive and negative--to the latest entry in the best-selling Call of Duty series with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.

Bowling talked about what it was like working with Sledgehammer Games, brought in to assist in the game's development. He also talked up Elite, Call of Duty's premium subscription service. Finally, he called MW3 a "payoff," whilst avoiding calling it an end to a Modern Warfare "trilogy," of sorts.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is launching on November 8 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. At Call of Duty XP, Shacknews went hands on with the game's updated multiplayer mode and co-op Survival mode.

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    September 6, 2011 2:00 PM

    Xav de Matos posted a new article, Modern Warfare 3 interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.

    At Call of Duty XP this past weekend, Shacknews discussed some of the changes and reaction to the latest entry in the best-selling Call of Duty series with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling.

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      September 6, 2011 2:45 PM

      Creative Strategist.

      I take "complex" shit and explain it to people through a highly focused dumbing-down process so they better understand our product over a world wide web of complexity that we call the Internet. I'm not really creative. That'd be the creative director. And I don't really plan shit either, that'd be an actual planner and marketing director. I just stupify things for people. Essentially I just use Twitter.

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        September 6, 2011 2:55 PM

        Bowling actually did use Twitter as the "unofficial official announcement channel" for MW2, with tons of complaints from the official Call of Duty forum goers, who were waiting for someone from Infinity Ward to make an "official announcement" on the "official forum" of the Call of Duty series. Eventually, he finally posted an official announcement on the forums.

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        September 6, 2011 6:26 PM

        Haha that title is ridiculous

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        September 6, 2011 8:03 PM

        Wasn't that guy the community manager for IW? I wonder if all the ex-IW guys consider him a TRAITOR.

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          September 6, 2011 11:59 PM

          he still runs their community efforts, to the best of my knowledge.

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        September 6, 2011 9:03 PM

        I prefer the term I saw someone use once 'Smartist' man, my friends and I had a field day with that one. how smug and arrogant you'd have to be to actually label yourself a 'smartist'

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        September 6, 2011 10:44 PM

        Ugh. And I thought my title was silly "PR and Social Media Marketing Manager"

        But I actually do shit and stuff.

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      September 6, 2011 2:51 PM

      Something about this guy rubs me the wrong way, like a worthless marketing guy trying to sell you a bagful of liquid shit but telling you its gold.

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        September 6, 2011 10:34 PM

        Ever since they hired him, I've avoided their website and press. He branded IW as some sort of "we assholes, we think we're hot than shit, and you're lucky to suck our dicks" company. I'm glad the fellers that left didn't decide to bring him along.

        Still played the heck out of MW and MW2 tho.

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      September 6, 2011 2:58 PM

      Did any shackers go to the convention? I heard from one aquaintance it wasn't as crowded as expected. I have a feeling Activision bought up the remaining tickets themselves to be able to make the 'sold out' announcement, which is actually bullshit.

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        September 6, 2011 3:02 PM

        It was pretty packed the days I went. I think 6000 tickets were made available.

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      September 6, 2011 3:00 PM


      Nick Breckon: By the way, have you changed the way multiplayer games function on the PC at all?
      Robert Bowling: PC will be the same as it always was.


      "We've been building up this system on the backend called IWNet, to allow matchmaking for our PC users just like you have on the console," Infinity Ward community manager Robert 'fourzerotwo' Bowling explained on podcast BASH 123.

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        September 6, 2011 3:05 PM

        Not sure what this is meant to prove since they announced dedicated servers are back for MW3.

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          September 6, 2011 3:19 PM

          Hahaha, Noah Heller made the announcement? The circle is complete.

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          September 6, 2011 3:21 PM

          It's supposed to prove that Bowling is full of shit and is just a mouthpiece for Activision.

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            September 6, 2011 3:28 PM

            It's also the previous Shacknews interview with Robert Bowling.

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              September 6, 2011 3:30 PM

              For a game that has been out for ages and an interview when the current senior editors at the site worked elsewhere?

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              September 6, 2011 3:31 PM

              I mean, I get it. You hate Call of Duty and Activision.

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                September 6, 2011 3:44 PM

                No, you're generalizing too much.

                I like Activision as a goods distributor; they don't screw around with silly DRM. Beyond that, their guidance at projects is... questionable.

                I think Robert Bowling is a very excellent PR person, which means he knows how to say something that sounds very true at the moment, and then turn around and reveal that it was cover for something completely different.

                I hate the direction of the Call of Duty franchise is taking, specifically with Jesse Stern at the writing helm. Stern is probably one of the worst things that could have happened to the franchise in terms of storyline. CoD4 was great DESPITE Stern's work, not BECAUSE of it.

                I refused to buy MW2 because of many reasons (first IWNet, but later because the story campaign turned out to be far more irritating and nonsensical than CoD4). As far as MW3 goes, I don't want to see a second of the single-player campaign due to Stern's writing. It would be tempting to buy it since they're "bringing back dedicated servers", but I wouldn't trust that unless I had proof in front of me (Long Beach Airport, 2011 Camaro SS, Westin hotel; you book it, I pay it). I'd rather play Brink online, and Rage offline.

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        September 6, 2011 3:33 PM

        archvile just being terrible

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          September 6, 2011 3:45 PM

          archvile is like the opposite of valcan. valcan tracks lots of stuff, has lots enthusiasm. archvile tracks even more stuff, and will hate all of it to the bitter end, and take us all with him.

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          September 6, 2011 9:54 PM


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      September 6, 2011 3:53 PM

      The pressure these guys are under to make a successful sequel must be incredible.

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      September 6, 2011 4:40 PM

      I love the age gate for watching this ugly face... not something your children should see. Or is it his slurring lisp?

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        September 6, 2011 7:13 PM

        I think it's related to the fact that MW3 will be an M-rated game. Look, it's not really a problem if you don't like Call of Duty (I'm not the biggest fan either), but seriously, resorting to petty insults of an employee is just downright immature (on that note, I hope you don't dislike Call of Duty because you find the community to be childish, the irony would kill me).

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      September 6, 2011 6:23 PM

      That recon drone looks pretty familiar

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      September 6, 2011 9:51 PM

      Game looks boring to me. This will be the first MW I don't get. Just kind of looks like the same exact thing over and over again. They should up the graphics or something.

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        September 7, 2011 2:51 AM

        i second this statement

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        September 7, 2011 7:44 AM

        I'm not a COD hater but honestly this game looks EXACTLY like the previous two MWs, seriously the sounds, guns, graphics, animations, EVERYTHING what is the big deal about this game aside from the hype train?

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      September 7, 2011 12:28 AM

      I wonder if he was ever on a Bowling team.

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      September 7, 2011 2:38 AM

      He looks just like someone who plays Call of Duty.

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      September 7, 2011 2:59 AM

      dear lord "i never like to say this is a good end, but this is a good payoff for the story"

      just goes to show that they are going to milk the fuck out this setting/story arch.

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