'Shadow Hunters' DLC coming to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Microsoft has announced that co-op focused DLC called Shadow Hunters is coming to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet next week.


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will be getting downloadable content next week on Xbox Live Marketplace. The "Shadow Hunters" DLC will be somewhat different than the game's current multiplayer mode, and takes place following the conclusion of the game's campaign.

Players will head out to an asteroid field where the dark plague has retreated, with a giant bomb in tow. And yes, there will be more boss-battles.

Indie gaming site Armless Octopus caught up with Fuelcell Games right before PAX 2011, and sussed out some interesting details about the insanely twisted expansion.

Each time you play Shadow Hunters, the map--as well as the placement of enemies, power-ups, and recharge stations--is generated dynamically. The recharge stations (ITSP's save-points) will also function a bit differently in the new DLC, adding precious seconds back onto the fuse of the aforementioned bomb. Using these stations will be the only way to ensure the payload reaches its target before it explodes. These bite-sized co-operative missions should average about fifteen minutes apiece.

The Shadow Hunters DLC will be available on September 13 on Xbox Live Arcade for 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

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