Dawn of War 2: Retribution CE owners get 'Dark Angels' DLC free

Relic is giving Collector's Edition owners of Dawn of War 2: Retribution free access to the "Dark Angels" DLC...

Relic has revealed in a forum thread on its official site that Collector's Edition owners of Dawn of War 2: Retribution will receive free access to the recently released Dark Angels downloadable content. "It's going to be the Dark Angels DLC," Relic confirmed on its official forum when asked about bonus Collector's Edition DLC. "Emails on how to redeem it will go out right before launch." Relic revealed the news on April 4, so users should already have a note about content redemption as the add-on launched this morning. Dark Angels is a cosmetic add-on that puts the "iconic Space Marine chapter" in the recent standalone expansion. The downloadable content is regularly priced at $7.50. There seem to be a number of reasons Collector's Edition owners are getting the special treatment from Relic. Some CE owners complained that they were forced to wait for their boxed version of the game, while digital owners were able to play immediately. Additionally, some were perturbed by the launch day sale of the game's Wargear Race Pack DLC. The Race Pack was originally slated to only be available, individually at multiple retailers and as a bundle for the Collector's Edition, which retailed for $10 more than the standard edition. The sale offered the bundle of content for $5. Since launch, only one of the six Race Packs are available for purchase on Steam.

Retribution CE owners, say hello to your free DLC pals: the Dark Angels

The Dark Angels DLC includes eight unique models for the major multiplayer units and new color schemes for the others. The description on the content's Steam page notes: "The Force Commander is replaced by a Dark Angels Company Master complete with winged helmet, the Tactical Marine squad all sport the iconic Dark Angels robes. Additionally, the Scout Squad, Assault Marine Squad and Terminators all receive similar chapter-specific revisions. The Space Marine vehicles also get a visual makeover with this DLC pack, adding custom designs and emblems to differentiate them from the standard vehicles." For more on Dawn of War 2: Retribution, make sure to read our detailed review.
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