Red Faction: Battlegrounds coming April 5

A Sony e-mail has announced an April 5 release for Red Faction: Battlegrounds, at a $10 price point. Not only that, but PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive it for free.


Red Faction: Battlegrounds has been given a release date and price, reports Joystiq. Word came via e-mail from Sony to PlayStation Network users, stating that the game would hit the PlayStation Network in North America and Europe on April 5, for $9.99.

In addition, PlayStation Plus users can get the game for free and even keep it after the subscription expires. Anyone who subscribes before March 25 will be eligible for the deal. It sounds similar to the recent deal with Double Fine, which offered Stacking free for a month to PS+ subscribers.

We can only presume, for now, that the Xbox Live Arcade version will come the same week (April 6) and cost 800 MSP to match the PSN version. We'll know for certain when Microsoft makes its official announcement regarding upcoming XBLA titles.

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