Stacking Available Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers All Month, on 'Day One'

By Xav de Matos, Feb 03, 2011 2:00pm PST It's hard to take a look at Double Fine's upcoming downloadable title Stacking and not have it pile up large amounts of joy in our hearts. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, that level of joy is about to get lethal.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive Stacking as a free download the day it arrives on the PlayStation Store; February 8. That's right, if you pay for Sony's extended PlayStation Network service then the entire game is yours at no additional cost.

While the wording on the PlayStation Blog might sound like Stacking will only be free for the first day it's available, a PlayStation rep confirmed to Shacknews that the game will be made available for free for the entire month of February. Like other free bonuses available to PlayStation plus subscribers, the game will not longer be available to play once a "Plus" subscription has expired.

Non-PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab Stacking on the PlayStation Store for $15. Stacking will also be available on the Xbox Live Arcade--albeit a day later on February 9--for 1200MS Points ($15).

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  • The problem with PS Plus is 90% of the games they offer I already own. And if it's something new like this, I'm not paying $50 a year for a one month window to rent it. If i just bought a PS3, $50 a year to rent games isn't bad (because you lose them if you stop the service, you are renting them) and the discounts are nice. The Avatars (Icons), themes, PS1 games I could do without. I grew up in PC land where all that stuff is free.

    Really for a long time PS3 user that's already bought a lot of games, PS plus is just about useless.

    At the same time, I pay $30 to $40 for Xbox Live, only because I have to. If I could play online for free, I probably wouldn't pay for it.

    PC's and Steam (and similar services) for the win.