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Off and on, over the last month, I've been re-watching The IT Crowd. I was a huge fan of the first three seasons and was extremely upset when the show was not renewed for a fourth. That is until I heard it was renewed and the fourth series actually already aired this past summer! On top of that, a fifth and sixth series is apparently in the works.

Check it out, if you can. It's brilliant.

  • Alice O'Connor: I finished up Red Dead Redemption last week so I might get stuck into Undead Nightmare. On the other hand, I did also just complete Assassin's Creed 2 so I might be swayed by AssBro. Expect next week's Morning Discussion posts to be filled with either cowpoke talk or cussing about the inanity of AC's sci-fi layer.
  • Brian Leahy: I'll be finishing up Donkey Kong Country Returns for my review along with some more Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo: Reach, and maybe a few backlog games now that the releases are winding down.
  • Garnett Lee: I'll be hitting the roads of Seacrest County in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and playing some objective modes in Black Ops online. Tempted to start something new but with GT5 looming I also want to keep the decks clear.
  • Xav de Matos: I went to my local gaming retail establishment and grabbed Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and plan to play a little of both. But the priority is playing online Call of Duty: Black Ops in both 2D and 3D for Monday's multiplayer stats comparison feature. Oh, the things I do for you guys and gals!
  • Jeff Mattas: I'll be giving the HD versions of NBA Jam a workout, and shanking some randomly-assigned strangers in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer. Boom-shacka-lacka! And stab!
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    November 20, 2010 8:01 AM

    Weekend Minecraft Thread!
    Colorless Edition

    Multiplayer Servers!
    MercFox1 : shackeast.sytes.net / se.shkn.ws / shackeast.shkn.ws
    Shadowdane : shadowdane.shacknet.nu / sd.shkn.ws / shadowdane.shkn.ws
    Chicken Fur : / cf.shkn.ws / chickenfur.shkn.ws
    m0rfus (PvP/Mobs on) : morfus.dyndns.org / morfus.shkn.ws
    Haxim (TNT Server) : asplode.dyndns.org / haxim.shkn.ws

    Teamspeak : ts.shackbattles.com:9987

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      November 20, 2010 8:01 AM

      Yay, IGI!

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        November 20, 2010 9:49 AM

        The MercFox1 Birds eye view hasnt been re-rendered in ages.

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        November 20, 2010 11:18 AM

        Yay! The shadowdane renders are updating again! I can see my new building and a ton of progress all over the map. Now all I need is for the building I submitted to be labeled on the map and I'm set.

        The server has seemed kind of dead lately, probably due to the issues with the blocks reappearing, but hopefully now that people can see their progress again they will come back.

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          November 20, 2010 1:36 PM

          I just added your label, it will update on the next render pass.

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            November 20, 2010 2:31 PM


            I started building an underground area to eventually connect to your guys' subway system. It's gonna be eating up pretty much all of the time I spend on the server, especially with the dumb block bug. I'll invite you guys to take a look once it is furnished and such, since I think it is going to turn out pretty nice.

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          November 20, 2010 1:42 PM


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        November 20, 2010 1:11 PM

        Merc Angled is amazing.

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      November 20, 2010 8:04 AM

      Guides and Utilities

      - Oizomapper! Map your single player or multiplayer levels! By mroizo40

      - Shackwiki Minecraft page!

      Video Guides!
      - (Series) X's Adventures in Minecraft! Linked by zuff!
      Lots of useful info in here!

      - (Series) Minecraft Minecart Tutorials! Boosters! Track switches! Et cetera!

      - Water Physics Tutorial by Arctic Fox!

      Written Guides!
      - Beginner’s Guides to Minecraft, originally linked by at0micgarden!
      (Work in Progress) Guide to Alpha: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=17021
      How to Survive Your First Night: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19065

      Shacker Help!
      - Things I Wish I’d Known, a retrospective by Ebu!

      - Linkmania! By zuff!

      - Ores, and How to Find Them, by Fooldozer and CodeRedBeard!

      - Multiplayer Tips from BlackCat9

      - Circle guides! More useful than they sound!
      http://www.agentpothead.com/minecraft/sphere.html linked/hosted by AgentPothead!
      http://www.shackpics.com/files/radii_even_to_100_pgzh2n77iabkgcmee93q.png hosted by Arctic Fox!

      - Beginner’s Guide to Redstone, links by The Grolar Bear!

      - And some generally useful keys to press!
      F11 - full screen!
      F3 (hold) - CPU/ memory usage bar! Spikes for CPU/ red box for memory, I think!
      F5 - third person mode!

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      November 20, 2010 8:16 AM


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      November 20, 2010 9:15 AM

      Without the colors I will have to actually search for the thread.


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        November 20, 2010 9:15 AM

        I know, Ctrl + F Minecraft is hard to do :(

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          November 20, 2010 9:21 AM

          See! You agree with me! :P

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            November 20, 2010 9:51 AM

            I don't even type the full word anymore. Putting in "minec" gets me where I need to be just fine.

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              November 20, 2010 10:03 AM

              Yeah searching isnt a problem. I just normally unlock my mouse wheel and give it a spin until I see the normal colors.

              And then I accidentally post in the MNC thread sometimes....

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      November 20, 2010 10:15 AM

      Idk why but I've only been able to connect to Haxim's server once. Neither address works. =/

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      November 20, 2010 10:36 AM

      need cart experts
      Last night I mostly finished an automatic minecart station here:

      It is the start of the cart track to the water park. The station can hold 8 or 9 carts ready to use, and more in a chest.

      There should normally be a cart waiting on a pressure plate. Get in, and within 2 seconds you should be launched. About 4 seconds later, another cart will be waiting on the pressure plate for use.

      Once the waiting carts are used, the station must be reloaded. Just put carts down the track that they come up from (main track, opposite the direction that you leave from), waiting about 5 seconds between carts.

      Under the floor there should be a cart going in a circle, being pushed by a booster. This is the cart that launches you, and then after it launches you, it goes and launches a cart waiting in a pile up to the pressure plate. It may stop going in a circle, or it can occasionally get stuck on the track. Just make sure it is going and everything should work.

      I need HELP:
      I'm trying to make a signal so that you can tell if the station needs to be refilled with carts.
      Anyone know if you can detect when a pile of minecarts is empty, or near empty?
      I have a pile of waiting minecarts on the station. They sit on a 1/2 block as I saw a video that suggested that if they don't, occasionally two carts get pushed.
      If the 1/2 block wasn't needed, I could add a wood pressure plate to tell if the pile was empty. It doesn't seem like carts will push a button on a wall the are touching, or else I could put a button on of the wall next to the pile and could then tell if there was only one or two left.
      I'm basically using this layout for the station, with a few changes of my own: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoOkh3nee2c

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        November 20, 2010 7:46 PM

        Troz, when I'm next on I'll get you to look at my setup. I have a signal setup that let's me know my booster is working. It may or may not help your situation.

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      November 20, 2010 11:13 AM

      whenever i start breaking blocks my client crashes with a java script error

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      November 20, 2010 12:41 PM

      Can a mod help me out?

      I've been working on improving me cart station, but it turns out the supposed improvements make it not work. and it also take up more space underground.

      Can a mod revert these changes to sometime before noon EST today?

      • reply
        November 20, 2010 12:43 PM

        You'll need foo or Merc, the rest of us plebs don't have those godly powers

        • reply
          November 20, 2010 1:28 PM

          Ok, I got the track back to the way they were. The station is not bigger underground, but it is working again, so I guess a reset of that area isn't necessary

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      November 20, 2010 12:57 PM

      which server do I go to to touch dicks?really, I like watching

      • reply
        November 20, 2010 1:01 PM

        Go to Mercs and you can touch the biggest dick you've ever seen

        • reply
          November 20, 2010 1:24 PM

          Nah, I don't log in much anymore.

        • reply
          November 20, 2010 1:25 PM

          And then after he's met up with you he can go see Penis Island!

        • reply
          November 20, 2010 1:29 PM

          Can I touch it now? I'll update my client to log in!

          • reply
            November 20, 2010 1:29 PM

            I mean yours now.

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      November 20, 2010 4:10 PM

      Can someone help me with Oziomapper? I have extracted it into my server directory an running the Oziomapper.exe app. The OziomapperUI.exe crashes when I try to launch it. What am I doing wrong?

      • reply
        November 20, 2010 4:29 PM

        crashes on start up for me too... i dunno I shackmsg'd mroizo about it but haven't gotten a response yet.

        • reply
          November 20, 2010 4:44 PM

          Are you using just the Oziomapper.exe then? Using this I get a command prompt which will allow me to render my single player worlds. Unfortunately I want to render my multi-player server that my son and I play on.

          • reply
            November 20, 2010 4:47 PM

            yah i can use the command-line version fine... but still would be nice if the GUI worked.

            • reply
              November 20, 2010 4:57 PM

              How do you point the CL version to a different directory?

          • reply
            November 20, 2010 4:58 PM

            run it from a command-line then:
            Oizomapper.exe -input Folder_Name -renderer "Birds Eye Renderer" -output Output_File.png

            • reply
              November 20, 2010 5:16 PM

              Thank you

              • reply
                November 20, 2010 5:19 PM

                You can change to different renderers, the hard part is you have to know the exact string for them.
                "Birds Eye Renderer"
                "Oblique Renderer"
                "Oblique Angle Renderer"

                Those are the only ones I know off the top of my head...

                • reply
                  November 21, 2010 4:54 AM

                  The Linux server version produces only crap maps... not angled, etc :(

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      November 20, 2010 6:07 PM

      I hate SMP -_-. I been working on LttP little by little lately, mainly got distracted IRL for some days but I figured I could knock out Kakariko by sunday... until I realized how fucking annoying digging is. It's such a pain in the ass digging up blocks 4 times to remove them... I'M TRYING lol. I usually pop in when no one's on though, so that would explain why no one has really seen me around there lately :).

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 12:08 AM

        Same. I am admittedly stalling my current work in hopes of a decent patch.

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      November 20, 2010 7:37 PM

      checked out the Quake3World MC server... they have done some slick stuff -- http://mc.quake3world.com/mcmap.png

      • reply
        November 20, 2010 8:06 PM

        sorta small, makes it cute

      • reply
        November 20, 2010 10:43 PM

        Wow. That some impressive stuff right there. I would love to see some in game shots.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 5:13 AM

        Damnit, they took my spiral pyramid! Well they didn't take it but I been holding out doing that exact design in hopes of finding a desert biome I like.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 6:15 AM

        i expected to see quake maps :(

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 6:23 AM

          Actually Q3DM6 is recreated pretty decently, its north of the spawn.

    • reply
      November 20, 2010 11:58 PM

      Who's the douche stealing diamond blocks from spawn area and cleaning out the spawn chests?

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 4:52 AM

      Have you seen this? Hell, even shows player positions dynamically. Oh, and sometimes you can even see them gathering together at the cathedral! http://www.brauhaus-der-hoffnung.de/map/

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 6:30 AM

      Doing a little exploring on my server... Holy Shit that is a HUGE Pumpkin Patch - http://shadowdane.shackspace.com/Minecraft/holyshit_pumpkins.png

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 10:38 AM

      Hey, everyone. Decided to try out minecraft, and I have a mate who's playing on this server - was wondering if there's an admin here who could accept my building permission application :P

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 10:46 AM

        Jarlandor, we require that builders have either 100 posts or be registered for 3 months. Since you don't meet either of these criteria, we'll need you to find someone that will vouch for you (they can reply to this) before we'll set you up with build access.

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 10:55 AM

          I vouch for him

          • reply
            November 21, 2010 11:04 AM

            Says the guy who registered today lol

            • reply
              November 21, 2010 12:16 PM

              hehe I don't know why it says so, but I registered 30th september. So says the email I got from shack.
              I still vouch for him.

              • reply
                November 21, 2010 12:31 PM

                And you never posted till today

                • reply
                  November 21, 2010 12:34 PM

                  that is because I have been occupied at shackeast.sytes.net building wonders.

                  • reply
                    November 21, 2010 12:43 PM

                    who vouched for you originally? Maybe he'll spread the love to your buddy

                    • reply
                      November 21, 2010 12:50 PM

                      Exmx, or Horgen ingame. Guess I have to ask him. My words seems worthless.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 10:52 AM

        jarlandor will be helping me, Horgen and Keej down bye the Hue Jazz Bridge. Please give him access.
        I vouch Jarlandor and all that he stands for.

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 11:03 AM

          but you only registered this month to and still don't have but these 2 post as far as I can tell :P

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      November 21, 2010 10:42 AM


      • reply
        November 21, 2010 10:49 AM

        waiting for notch to fix the game.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 10:57 AM

        I've been playing on a private server with a couple friends and my son. Since we all share the same work schedule (except my son) its easy for us to build at the same time. When I get on mercs server i feel like I am just slowing things down for everyone else. Even my own project often gets left standingfor a weeks at a time before i can get back to it.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 11:33 AM

        i cant login

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 12:12 PM

        can't login either. That's why I used to not logout when I was going to be away for a while. But some dumbshit likes to stack dynamite near me when I go AFK now so I logout.

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 12:15 PM

          ya the server much be fucked. cause i can login to shadowdane's fine. sigh, there go my plans :(

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 1:38 PM

          Id say its more of a capsul then a stack.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 12:32 PM

        server needs reboot I think.

        • reply
          November 21, 2010 12:57 PM


          • reply
            November 21, 2010 1:00 PM

            my experience is every time my server has crashed, I've had a few corrupted chunks. I usually restore from the last backup if a crash happened.

            Granted with with ShackEast and that massive world, it might be easier to restore corrupt chunks with WorldEdit?

            • reply
              November 21, 2010 1:05 PM


              • reply
                November 21, 2010 1:11 PM

                My server has a load of 20-30 players. It seems I have to stop it and relaunch every 10-12 hours no matter what, when the server starts lagging and the terminal complaints about head space exhausted. Its like if a pile of memory gets burned slowly. I am thinking on doing a script that warns players and reboots the thing every 10 hours or so...

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 11:59 AM

      wtf, i can't login to mercfox1 at all. anyone know why?

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 1:03 PM

      Portals. I was in a german server this afternoon and they had portal-kind of things. Each different city or area had one, each one linked to a main station with portals leading to many differnt places. The portals looked like columns of water surrounded by misc. materials (wood, iron, whatever) It worked like a charm and was really really nice. I am looking for the plugin to install on my server... have you had experience with such plugins? I have found this, but the low number of comments makes me think its not really working: http://forums.redstonewire.com/viewtopic.php?f=1012&t=55757

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 1:57 PM

      BLARGH! I want to connect to the haxim server and I can't. I don't understand why. Neither address works.

      • reply
        November 21, 2010 1:59 PM

        It's down... i don't think its been up for a few days.

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 5:04 PM

      I just discovered how easy it is to do texture packs now. What are some cool ones I should check out?

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 5:06 PM

      Anyone around that can give me build privileges on mercfox?

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 5:24 PM

      Anyone know a good mod that allows you to change your spawn in single player?

    • reply
      November 21, 2010 11:37 PM

      So where do I find pumpkins? Do they only appear in areas generated post BOO! or all over the place?

    • reply
      November 22, 2010 2:49 AM

      on merc: seem to have gotten odd kinda partial rollbacks in my area. Only some chunks got lost, odd. From the crash I guess.

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