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A Guardians favorite Heavy Burst Sidearm makes its return with these PvE and PvP god rolls.


Destiny 2 is making moves to change the usual Seasonal formula and has started with Episode: Echoes, a brand new content format that delivers powerful weaponry over time. Echoes has brought back Breachlight, a fan-favorite Sidearm, with a new Strand flavor in its locker and a powerful set of perks to choose from.

How to get Breachlight

Breachlight can be obtained by completing any Episode: Echoes related activities including the story missions and Breach Executable.

Once obtained, Breachlight can be focused with Failsafe located in The H.E.L.M. This weapon cannot be crafted but can be granted enhanced perks.

PvE - Breachlight god roll

The returning Breachlight carries many exciting perk combinations dependent on Guardian build or Subclass setup. This PvE god roll focuses on what Breachlight does best and that is get up close and personal while doing serious damage to enemies.

Breachlight god roll - PvE
Barrel Smallbore (Stability +7, Range +7)
Magazine Appended Mag (Magazine +4)
Perk 1 Threat Detector (Grants one or two stacks while within 15 meters of one to two or more enemies. Bonuses at one to two stacks: +15|+40 Stability. +18|+60 Reload. +25|+100 Handling. +0.9x|+0.81x Handling animation duration)
Perk 2 Desperate Measures (Weapon kills grant 10 percent increased damage for seven seconds (x1 Stack). Grenade or Melee kills grant 20 percent increased damage for seven seconds (x2). Scoring another Grenade or Melee kill increases this to 30 percent (x3). Can activate while stowed. Weapon kills refresh the buff duration)
Origin Trait Cast No Shadow (Dealing melee damage refills 20 percent of the Magazine and grants bonus Handling)
Masterwork Reload (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Backup Mag (Magazine +6)

Start with Smallbore to add Stability to help keep shots controlled and Range to help keep Breachlight feeling accurate at a distance to fleeing enemies or when closing the gap. Add Appended Mag to the Magazine to put some extra shots in the Magazine which will come good when rolling up the perk, Desperate Measures.

Breachlight god roll PVE

Source: D2Foundry

This god roll then uses Threat Detector to great effect. The bonuses to key stats while surrounded by enemies only make this weapon twice as lethal, pushing these stats to near-maximum with Handling maxing out. Round off with Desperate Measures, which not only ramps up from weapon kills, but gets the biggest bonus from melee kills which can be done with the melee ability charge or just a basic melee attack. Paired with the Origin Trait, this can then refill Breachlight to take full advantage of the damage boost when hunting the next target.

A worthy mention goes to the combination of Slice and Hatchling which does an excellent job in a Threadling-focused subclass build.

PvP - Breachlight god roll

The Breachlight PvP god roll feeds into close-quarters combat (CQC) to great effect and getting into the fight provides huge benefits.

Heliocentric QSc god roll - PvP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +18, Handling +10)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Perpetual Motion (While moving at a minimum of two meters per second: gain a Stack after two and 10 seconds. Each stack provides Stability +10, Handling +10, and Reload +10. All stacks are removed if the movement speed is below 0.2 seconds for 0.5 seconds. Works and can activate while stowed)
Perk 2 Swashbuckler (Weapon kills grant 1 stack of Swashbuckler for 4.5 seconds. Melee kills grant all five stacks. Buff duration is refreshed on a weapon or Melee kills. Damage Increase at 1|2|3|4|5 stacks: 6.7 percent | 13.3 percent | 20 percent | 26.6 percent | 33.3 percent)
Origin Trait Cast No Shadow (Dealing melee damage refills 20 percent of the Magazine and grants bonus Handling)
Masterwork Range or Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Quick Access Sling (Decreases ready and stow animation by 10 percent)

Look to add Arrowhead Brake in the Magazine slot to ensure shots are purely vertical when in a shootout and the added Handling to increase Breachlight’s ready speed for when it is called upon. Accurized Rounds is best for the Magazine slot to push the Range stat, as Sidearms are more CQC-focused weapons. With these stats, you can easily catch opponents off guard and take them down. 

Breachlight god roll PVP

Source: D2Foundry

For the main perks, Perpetual Motion starts this god roll off with its boosts to key stats granted for moving around the arena quickly. Breachlight will shine when in CQC so fast movement is key to getting these boosts and unlocking the potential within the final perk, Swashbuckler. Breachlight operates best when up close so if an opponent can be finished by a melee, this grants an instant 33 percent damage boost or it can be built up by weapon kills. This works great for kill chaining and has the enemy team scattering for cover.

Breachlight makes a solid return and while it’s a surprise to see it come back as Strand, it only elevates its potential to the next level. To follow all the developments unfolding in The Final Shape check out the Guardian essential Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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