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Crimil's Dagger is back and better than ever with these PvE and PvP god rolls.


The fan-favorite PvP event Iron Banner returns in The Final Shape with Lord Saladin bringing back some revamped gear in his war chest. Crimil’s Dagger has been around Destiny 2 for a long time with each appearance giving Iron Banner fans a powerful Hand Cannon worth chasing and this next round is no exception. With a refreshed perk set, these Crimil’s Dagger PvE and PvP god rolls are sure to have Guardians diving into Iron Banner to grab them.

How to get Crimil's Dagger

Crimil's Dagger can be obtained by leveling up your Iron Banner reputation by playing Iron Banner matches. You can gain increased rank points by wearing Iron Banner armor pieces and an emblem. To maximize your Iron Banner experience, check out our Iron Banner guide.

Once Crimil's Dagger is obtained, it can be directly focused using Iron Banner engrams with Lord Saladin. Crimil's Dagger can also drop upon completion of Iron Banner matches.

PvP - Crimil's Dagger god roll

PvP is where Crimil’s Dagger shines and this god roll utilizes a new perk combination that will have enemies running for cover at the sound of its shots.

Crimil's Dagger god roll - PvP
Barrel Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +10)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Enlightened Action (Weapon hits grant stacks of Enlightened Action for two seconds. Stacks 12 times. Stacks: 2 | 7 | 12 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 38 | 40 | 45 | 50 Handling and Reload. Hand Cannons grant three stacks per hit)
Perk 2 Kill Clip (Upon finishing a reload within 3.6 seconds of a weapon kill: 25 percent increased damage for five seconds. Buff stays active while stowed)
Origin Trait Skulking Wolf (While at low health, Guardian final blows grant enhanced radar and remove you from the opponent's radar for 10 seconds)
Masterwork Range or Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjustor (Aim Assistance +5)

Start with Hammer-Forged Rifling in tandem with Accurized Rounds in the Magazine slot. This immediately pushes up the Range by +20 feeding into what makes 120RPM Hand Cannons such a powerhouse in PvP by giving it deadly accuracy from long distances. This can easily throw opponents off-guard and make returning fire difficult as Crimil’s Dagger can cut through enemies easily.

Crimil's Dagger god roll PVP

Source: D2Foundry

For the main perks, it’s all about how these work together. Enlightened Action increases Handling and Reload speed upon each successful shot landed. Hand Cannon shots count for three stacks per hit so the maximum benefits can be had easily. The added Handling helps remove any feeling of heaviness found on some 120RPM Hand Cannons which sets it apart from the rest. The final perk for this god roll is Kill Clip where Enlightened Action’s Reload increase gets to shine. With a 25 percent boost to damage upon reloading after a kill, this pushes Crimil’s Dagger to hit like a truck, and throwing all of these perks together makes for a terrifying package to come up against in PvP.

PvE - Crimil's Dagger god roll

There is no doubt that Crimil’s Dagger is a PvP-focused weapon but that doesn’t take away how powerful every blast of this Hand Cannon is. This PvE god roll taps into the potential for a fun workhorse of a weapon.

Crimil's Dagger god roll - PvE
Barrel Fluted Barrel (Stability +5, Handling +15)
Magazine Appended Mag (Magazine +2)
Perk 1 Enlightened Action (Weapon hits grant stacks of Enlightened Action for two seconds. Stacks 12 times. Stacks: 2 | 7 | 12 | 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 38 | 40 | 45 | 50 Handling and Reload. Hand Cannons grant three stacks per hit)
Perk 2 Explosive Payload (Splits off 50 percent of the weapon's body shot damage into an explosive damage portion that deals 30 percent increased damage in PvE and isn't affected by damage falloff. Total damage is increased by 15 percent of the weapon's bodyshot damage. For crits, the overall increase is roughly equal to 15 percent divided by the Crit Multiplier)
Origin Trait Hakke Breach Armaments (Passively grants increased damage against Vehicles by 15 percent. Turrets, Barricades, Ward of Dawn, Well of Radiance: 30 percent. Stasis Crystals: 45 percent)
Masterwork Reload (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Backup Mag (Magazine +3)

In the Barrel look to add Fluted Barrel for a high boost to Handling and bonus Stability. The Handling is the main event here for allowing Crimil’s Dagger to be ready to go quickly when cycling through weapons giving it a lighter feel when in use. Appended Mag adds two shots to the Magazine helping Crimil’s Dagger to stay in the fight for longer and keep the hard hits coming.

Crimil's Dagger god roll PVE

Source: D2Foundry

For the first perk, Enlightened Action comes in for its increases to Reload and Handling. Reload is the key here for this god roll as when at maximum, the +50 to Reload means the stat is near max which keeps the shots coming quickly during intense battles. The added Handling is a great bonus as this takes that stat to almost maximum, making this usually clunky feeling weapon feel great when rolling through engagements. Round it off with Explosive Payload which adds explosive damage to every shot and helps with Enlightened Action, making sure it reaches maximum efficiency in no time.

Crimil’s Dagger gets a deserved glow-up to suit the current sandbox and these god rolls show off its great potential. To follow all the developments unfolding in The Final Shape check out the Guardian essential Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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