The Riposte god roll - Destiny 2

Hit your enemies where it hurts with this PvE and PvP god roll of The Riposte.


The Final Shape has arrived and brings a complete refresh of vendors and rewards found throughout Destiny 2. The Riposte is the new Crucible reward for Guardians brave enough to test their might in the Competitive playlist. 

How to get The Riposte

An image showing The Riposte Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

First, you must complete the seven placement matches in the Competitive playlist before the challenge updates to the three games per week and shows The Riposte as the reward.

Once the placement is done, The Riposte becomes the weekly reward for playing three games in the Competitive playlist. This is character-based so if you have three characters ready to go then that’s three chances per week to grab this Auto Rifle. 

PvP - The Riposte god roll

An image showing the Riposte PvP god roll in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Foundry
The Riposte god roll - PvP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine High-Caliber Rounds (Range +5. Flinch against players varies based on damage and weapon archetype. Flinch increase ranges between 5-10 percent)
Perk 1 Tap the Trigger (Immediately upon firing, for 0.6 seconds: Stability +40, Recoil -50 percent, and Accuracy Cone size -10 percent. [Controller-Only] Weapon fires the instant trigger pressure is applied)
Perk 2 Kill Clip (Upon finishing a reload within 3.6 seconds of a weapon kill: 25 percent increased damage for five seconds. Buff stays active while stowed)
Stock Hand-Laid Stock (Stability +10)
Masterwork Range or Handling (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjustor (Aim Assitance +5)

Start with Arrowhead Brake. The Riposte has high Recoil at its base so the full benefit of Arrowhead Brake is essential to keep shots accurate. Add High-Caliber Rounds onto the Magazine for added Range and also to flinch your opponents while you put them under fire, making it difficult for them to return any damage. 

Using Tap the Trigger takes advantage of The Riposte’s already great stats. This perk paired with Hand-Laid Stock ensures that Stability hits 100 at the start of each engagement. This combination gives the Riposte deadly accuracy and very little chance any enemy in its sights will escape. Reward its killing sprees by topping this god roll off with Kill Clip which means 100 Stability and a 25 percent damage boost will instantly transform guardians into a Crucible menace. 

PvE - The Riposte god roll

An image showing the Riposte PvE god roll in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Foundry
The Riposte - PvE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Ricochet Rounds (Range +5, Stability +10)
Perk 1 Repulsor Brace (Kills against Void debuffed enemies grant a 45 HP Void overshield for eight seconds)
Perk 2 Destabilizing Rounds (Weapon kills apply Volatile to enemies in a 6.5-meter radius around the target. Three-second cooldown after activation)
Stock Hand-Laid Stock (Stability +10)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Backup Mag (Magazine +9)

The Riposte PvE god roll comes at an unlikely angle because it holds two of the best Void-based perks in Destiny 2. Tapping into that to produce powerful Void builds is the way to go. 

Look for Arrowhead Brake as your starting spot in the Barrel. Same as with PvP, the high recoil pattern needs to be pulled in for the best results. This gives The Riposte ease of use when spraying your way through enemies and added Handling for a light-feeling weapon. Complement this with Ricochet Rounds which help keep shots steady with Stability and the reticle feeling sticky on enemy heads at Range. 

The final two perks work in perfect tandem so they are the immediate focus of this god roll and how it can fit into Guardian builds. With Prismatic now in play, it’s never been easier to make this combination lethal in tandem with Guardian subclasses. Destabilizing Rounds spread Volatile to enemies around the defeated target, defeating those debuffed enemies then grants a hefty overshield. This combination works great in all tiers of content and can be a real difference maker in a Fireteam.

The Riposte has something for every Guardian with its versatility in both PvE and PvP making these god rolls red hot this coming season and beyond. To follow all the developments unfolding in The Final Shape check out the Guardian essential Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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