Shack Together 015 - Animal Well, Day-Z, F-Zero Renaissance, Google I/O feat. TJ Denzer

TJ joins us for a delightful romp through [redacted].


Welcome to Shack Together, the definitive Shacknews podcast experience where we discuss all things gaming, entertainment, and technology. Asif Khan, a belated John Benyamine, myself Joe Stasio, and TJ Denzer team up and dive into the latest news, reviews, and discussions.

In this episode, the crew discusses their thoughts on indie-sensation "Animal Well”, TJ’s overseas Day-Z adventure, and Asif’s F-Zero resurgence before challenging themselves to an exciting game of AI Captain where contestants have to guess which AI-forward video game I'm describing based on a (severely) redacted summary. From [redacted] to [redacted], the crew tests their gaming knowledge in this fun segment.

Over in Story Time, we cover the latest news from the gaming world, including reviews of games like Paper Trail and Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, as well as updates on EA Sports College Football 25 and Dead by Daylight's upcoming Castlevania content. All this before our requisite tech and finance industry deep dive in the last section of the show. As always, thanks for tuning and enjoy!

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