Divinity is getting nerfed, again

A new Destiny 2 weapon tuning preview has outlined Exotic weapon nerfs and buffs as well as damage increases coming to several weapon archetypes in The Final Shape.


Divinity has been a dominant force in endgame Destiny 2 content for too long. You know this and Bungie knows it. Now, Bungie is taking it back out behind the shed for another nerf, this time to its ammo economy.

A Titan holding Divinity
It will now take 75% more ammo to generate the weaken effect on an enemy.
Source: Bungie

In a weapon tuning preview for The Final Shape, Bungie outlined dozens of upcoming changes to weapon archetypes, nerfs to Exotics, and adjustments to perks and mods. Divinity is at the top of the list of Exotic nerfs and while the gun’s nerf back in October 2022 saw the weaken effect drop from 30 percent to 15 percent, this upcoming nerf will target its ammo economy:

  • Increased the number of shots required to generate the cage by 75% against combatants (PvP unchanged).

The good news for those who rely heavily on Divinity is that the damage is unchanged and you’ll still be able to feather the trigger to maximise your ammo. However, if you lose the “cage” it generates you will be at a significant disadvantage. You’ll now need to be more conscious of stocking up on Special ammo between damage phases and ensuring you use the weapon effectively.

A Hunter holding an Osteo Striger
Osteo Striga's poison-on-kill is getting a cooldown.
Source: Bungie

As for other Exotic weapon nerfs, Osteo Striga now has a 4-second cooldown between poison bursts on kill. The poison from sustained damage is unchanged. This change was to stop Osteo Striga from wiping entire encounters simply by defeating a few trash tier mobs.

The Lament has also been knocked down a few pegs, with its healing effect reduced by 20 percent and the “high end of the chain heavy attack” also hit with a 20 percent damage reduction. While Swords did receive a 7 percent buff across the board, it remains to be seen if this makes any other Exotic Sword a viable option for boss DPS.

Several Exotics did receive buffs including Rat King, Symmetry, Touch of Malice, Necrochasm, Dead Man’s Tale, The Colony, Truth, Bastion, Eriana’s Vow and others. All of these buffs look to improve each weapon’s functionality in the sandbox.

The collections screen showing mods with cancel marks over the Spec mods
Say goodbye to Spec mods and hello to more freedom when decking out your weapons.
Source: Shacknews

More good news comes in the form of the Spec mods being removed from Destiny 2. Minor, Major, Boss, Taken, and Adept Big Ones Specs will be gone and to supplement this loss in damage, Bungie is lifting the damage of several weapon types. This means you won’t just automatically slap a Spec mod into your gun and will now get to actually choose something meaningful to you in PvE.

On the Wave Frame Grenade Launcher front, we can all agree that Forbearance outshines every other option in Destiny 2. In a bid to rein in Wave Frame’s power, Bungie is adjusting the width, length, and height of the waves and making it so that Blast Radius affects these stats.

Additionally, Chain Reaction will do 20 percent less damage on Special weapons and have a 15 percent smaller area-of-effect. Heavy weapons will instead get a 30 percent damage buff to Chain Reaction. It still doesn’t  seem like a good idea to use a Heavy Grenade Launcher with Chain Reaction to clear waves of enemies when you could use a Machine Gun, but this might be a different story when The Final Shape drops.

There are a bunch of other adjustments to weapons and perks, so give the weapon tuning a thorough read so you’re prepared when The Final Shape drops. Speaking of being prepared, check out our guide on how to prepare for The Final Shape for tips on what to farm, what to collect, and more.

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