Hearthstone: Bomb Warrior returns with Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions

With rumors of the Bomb Warrior's return, Shacknews went in to investigate.


Hearthstone released its latest Mini-Set, Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions, to supplement the Whizbang's Workshop expansion on Tuesday. It features 38 new cards, including four Legendaries, and many of them play well with cards from 2024's first expansion. I took some time to jump into the first day of the Mini-Set and found myself gravitating towards an old archetype: Bomb Warrior.

Ozzie's Bomb Warrior

  • 2x (1) Town Crier
  • 2x (2) Bash
  • 2x (2) Blast Charge
  • 2x (2) Frightened Flunky
  • 2x (2) Part Scrapper
  • 2x (2) Safety Goggles
  • 2x (2) Shield Block
  • 2x (2) Stoneskin Armorer
  • 2x (3) Explodineer
  • 2x (3) Heavy Plate
  • 2x (3) Reinforced Plating
  • 2x (4) Boom Wrench
  • 2x (4) Crimson Expanse
  • 1x (4) Puppetmaster Dorian
  • 1x (8) Inventor Boom
  • 2x (10) Safety Expert

Deck ID

The big draw here is Safety Expert, which seems expensive at 10 Mana. However, simply use the new Part Scrapper spell and sacrifice 5 Armor to bring its cost down to (5). Start pouring on the Deathrattle effects with Crimson Expanse, Boom Wrench, and Inventor Boom and your opponent's decks will be filled with bombs before you know it.

Bomb Warrior had been a scourge on Hearthstone for years while cards like Clockwork Goblin and Wrenchcalibur dropped bombs into opponents' decks with great frequency. It was thought to be dead forever once the Rise of Shadows expansion rotated out, but someone has lit the fuse on this deck archetype once again.

It's important to note that this is a first run at this deck, but it should be good for anybody diving back into the game after a while. The Dr. Boom's Incredible Inventions is available now for $14.99 USD or 2,000 in-game Gold. Special thanks to Blizzard for providing us with the Mini-Set. It's all part of the Whizbang's Workshop expansion, available now. For more videos like this, take some time to hit the Subscribe button on Shacknews and Shacknews Interviews on YouTube.

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