Stern Pinball takes on the world of John Wick

Stern Pinball's latest pinball table takes on Keanu Reeves and John Wick.

Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball continues to rack up pinball tables based on some of the world's most recognizable franchises. Earlier this month, Stern debuted a new table based on the world of John Wick from Lionsgate. Shacknews recently stepped into the Continental for a first look.

For this table, step into the shoes of John Wick and try to survive against the baddest ne'er-do-wells of the New York underworld. Players will notice all-new artwork based on the John Wick series, as well as some exciting gimmicks. Players can hit the weapons chest along the right side to open it up and grab the cache of firearms inside or they aim for John Wick's muscle car near the top and make a hasty getaway. The car is an especially cool feature, one that acts as a moving piece, as well as one that can potentially block your shot.

Stern took some painstaking measures to nail down John Wick's world. Expect to see familiar locales on the LCD screen, like the Continental, the Red Circle Club, and more. While there's no new dialogue from series star Keanu Reeves, Stern was able to get Ian McShane, who plays Winston, into the studio to record some new lines. The team also took measures to make this game challenging, utilizing an AI combat system that has enemy icons respond to player behavior.

An overview of the John Wick pinball table from Stern Pinball

Source: Stern Pinball

There are Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (only 1,000 models) of the John Wick pinball table available. Visit the Stern Pinball website to learn more and to find a machine near you. For more videos like this, subscribe to Shacknews and Shacknews Interviews on YouTube.

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