Weekend PC Download Deals for May 10: LudoNarraCon 2024

Plus, a first-time discount on Contra: Operation Galuga, the Humble Spring Sale, Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale, and more!


Storytelling in games is powerful. One might argue it's more overlooked than ever in this landscape where studios are being shut down left and right while publishers and CEOs look for whatever brings in a buck. For this weekend, it's time to celebrate the transformative potential of storytelling in video games with LudaNarraCon. LudaNarraCon is the annual digital festival from publisher Fellow Traveller, which offers demos, holds panels, and houses dozens of big discounts on Steam. Be on the lookout for games like Oxenfree 2, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Disco Elysium, and many others as part of this sale.

Elsewhere on Valve's storefront, there are some sales on some big recent titles, like Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake. Plus, check out the first-time discount on Contra: Operation Galuga! Looking around the rest of the PC shopping sphere, the Humble Spring Sale continues, the Green Man Gaming Birthday Sale begins, the Epic Games Store has the best from Square Enix, and Ubisoft has its best recent offerings through the Legendary Sale.

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Epic Games Store


Pay $24.99 to get Fallout 76, Fallout 4 GOTY Edition, Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and the Fallout Classic Collection. These activate on Steam.





Green Man Gaming

Use the coupon code BDAY14 to save 14% off most PC game purchases, including Birthday Sale titles. Restrictions apply.

Humble Bundle

Subscribe to Humble Choice for $11.99 each month. For the month of May, you'll receive Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Hi-Fi RUSH, Steelrising, Loddlenaut, King of the Castle, Bravery and Greed, Amanda the Adventurer, and Mediterranea Inferno. DRMs vary. Humble Choice members also save extra on most purchases from the Humble Store.

Pay $6 or more to get Axiom Verge and The Knight Witch. Pay $14 or more to also receive Death's Gambit: Afterlife, Ghost Song, Cookie Cutter, Axiom Verge 2, and 9 Years of Shadows. These activate on Steam.

Pay $7 or more to get Going Under, Hellslave, and Devil Spire. Pay $11 or more to also receive Siralim Ultimate and Lunacid. Pay $15 or more to also receive MythForce and Abalon (formerly Summoners Fate). These activate on Steam.

Pay $5 or more to get Moving Out, Gold With Your Friends, and The Escapists 2. Pay $10 or more to also receive Worms W.M.D. and Neon Abyss Deluxe Edition. Pay $15 or more to also receive Gord and Headbangers: Rhythm Royale. Pay $20 or more to also receive Trepang2. These activate on Steam.

Pay $8 or more to get Recipe for Disaster, Buggos, and Factory Town. Pay $15 or more to also receive Mob Factory, Cardboard Town, Astro Colony, and The Colonists. These activate on Steam.

Ubisoft Store

Use the coupon code LEGEND24 to save $10 off of a purchase of $19.99 or more. Restrictions apply.


If you've found any deals we might have missed or there's a specific one you wish to highlight, be sure to join the conversation and let us know in the comments. Or let us know how you're enjoying your new games by jumping into the Official Shacknews Community Discord.

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