ShackStream: Tekken it to the Lab Episode 10: Leroy Smith

Leroy was considered to be shoddy until to the recent Tekken 8 patch. Is the Wing Chun master rising like a phoenix in the meta? Let's find out!


It’s another week, and after some time away, we’re back to learn another new character in Tekken 8 on our Tekken it to the Lab livestream series. This time around, we’re going with Leroy Smith! Widely considered to be under tuned in Tekken 8 up to this point, a recent patch gave Leroy a collection of buffs that should help him out. Is it enough? Well that’s what we aim to find out.

Tekken it to the Lab Episode 10: Leroy Smith

Leroy hails from New York City and is a Wing Chun master among the Tekken roster. Between quick fist strikes, strong kicks, and the use of a staff in some of his moves, Leroy could do a lot, but many considered him to be underpowered in Tekken 8. That changed in the most recent major patch when he got a page full of buffs. Now we’ll see if it’s enough to make him feel like a true master or if this character could still use some tuning.

Find out as we play Leroy in Tekken 8 on our Tekken it to the Lab livestream, going live at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET on the Shacknews Twitch channel. You can also watch just below.

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Meanwhile, is Leroy worth picking up or putting down since he got the buffs in Tekken 8? Find out as we go live with the character in Tekken it to the Lab on Twitch in just a bit!

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