Roblox (RBLX) reduces FY2024 annual bookings forecast on reduced player spending

Roblox has recently begun to explore digital ads in the game in attempts to diversify its revenue.

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As we continue through the latest season of earnings results, Roblox was one of the most recent to share details of its most recent quarter. Simply put, Roblox is looking cautious. The company has reduced its annual bookings forecast for its full fiscal year ending on December 31, 2024. This information saw shares in the company take a dip in value.

Roblox shared its Q1 2024 earnings results on its investor relations website this week. In said earnings results, it shared its updated annual bookings forecast for the company’s FY2024. Previously, the forecast for this period was sitting at around $4.14 billion to $4.28 billion. As of the Q1 2024 earnings results, it’s now set at $4 billion to $4.10 billion. The reasoning for the lowered guidance follows a number of factors, but one of the biggest seems to be a reduction in player spending and growth throughout the first quarter.

Roblox (RBLX) stock as of 4:03 pm ET on May 9, 2024
Roblox (RBLX) stock was down on May 9 following the release of its Q1 2024 earnings results, which included a lowered annual bookings forecast.
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Roblox’s reduced annual bookings forecast could be seen as a catalyst for a dip in the company’s stock. Where RBLX stock was sitting near $40 per share, the release of the Q1 2024 earnings results saw the stock dip down to around $30 per share. The company has seen further misfortune throughout the early months this year as well, including an alleged gambling lawsuit that is set to go to court. The company also drew ire from its employees in late 2023 with an ultimatum for staff to return to office and cease remote work.

The lowered guidance in Roblox’s Q1 2024 results seemed to be enough to make Wall Street nervous this week. We’ll see if it’s something Roblox can shake off as the year goes on. Stay tuned for further company earnings reporting right here at Shacknews.

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